David Bowie – Womens Aladdin Sane Dol…

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Spikee_Nuxx As a fan did not know anything about it. Very Comprehensive. Tremendous sets photos from all Eras. Great photos with peer rock stars like Keith Moon, Rod Stewart, Pete Townshend, Various Rolling Stones, Bobby Zimmerman, Bono & Eno, Lou Reed, and Michael Jackson, and many other Celebs. Very linear in the narrative and goes current -- includes great snapshots of the early stuff, the Spiders tour, Diamond-Soul-MWFTE, Isolar tours, the Eighties--Serious Moonlight, Glass Spider, Tin Machine, Nineties onward -Earthling, Meltdown, Reality. Lots of photos I've never seen before. It's a great celebration of the most Original Tremendous Rock Personalities ever, who deserves his peaceful dignified retirement. Thanks for the songs and may you live very well Mr. Jones.

Bowiefan21 David Bowie has always been as much of a visual artist as he is a singer, so this book, full of beautiful color photos which span his long career, is a must for fans. There are a lot of pictures in the book I had never seen before. I was delighted with the large format, and enjoyed the text. It's a nice overview of the career of the man who changed music forever.


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David Bowie – Womens Aladdin Sane Dol…

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